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What It Feels Like to Finally Let It Go

If you knew what if felt like to finally let it all go how do you think that would feel? Would it feel like glass breaking or drowning? Or maybe it will feel like releasing a million pounds that you have been carrying on your shoulders for so long that you're not sure you have a neck between your head and shoulders. That was me! I was no neck girl! It was a harsh realization, and my body was always terribly uncomfortable. So, like a giant storm cloud I decided to release. I released my anger, resentment, and fury out into the world around me. I cried and I slept, and I journaled. I did anything I could to release the energies that kept me stuck like cement in my physical body. I let it go. All of it!

I had been in a constant state of fight or flight my entire life. I always remembered being scared of consequence, so I was always hypervigilant of the rules and my environment. I was so aware that I was able to read the energy of the room upon entering. If there was tension, I could feel it! I could also feel if you didn't like me. I essentially held onto all of those energies my entire life along with the energy of my own traumas and stress. It became a cloak of negative energies that weighed on me like a million-pound weighted blanket. I had to stop, reevaluate where these fears and beliefs all came from and give it back.

I spent 34 years with limiting beliefs and these heavy feelings. I spent 2 letting go. In my personal healing journey, I cried a lot. I finally let myself be angry, sad, resentful, or whatever I felt. I honored myself by releasing what held me back from who I truly am without the masks and filters family, society, and life experience had given me up until this point in life. Releasing for me was cathartic and I was that storm cloud releasing all that needed to be let go of and released. I journaled and I wrote a lot of letters that I later burned to fully let it go. I hope you join me in FEELING IT, BURNING IT, AND FINALLY LETTING IT GO!! Life is too short to continue living with all that baggage. Let it go and let it be. All my love *Shayla

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1 Comment

Jess Yadon
Jess Yadon
May 23, 2022

I love this girl. She helped me so much and doesn't even know.

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