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Releasing Generational Trauma through your Root Chakra and finding Stability in the chaos

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Generational trauma also referred to as intergenerational trauma and transgenerational trauma, is a term used to describe the impact of traumatic experiences through generations. Generational trauma is when our ancestors experienced trauma and instead of healing it they decided to just cope with it or hide it away. Doing this can cause different responses but in my experience and my research I have found, it usually makes that grandparent or parent seem distant, cold and disconnected from the emotional nurturing side of themselves. This can cause addictions or other trauma related responses due to being in the fight or flight mode that comes with fear-based energy that often times accompanies trauma. When this happens it often gets passed on in the sense that we do not know or do not believe that we can heal ourselves and we believe that this is who we are based on what we have been told. But we cannot help our children to heal if we ourselves have never done it. Generational trauma often results in feelings of lack, instability, abuse in all forms, addictions, shame, guilt, denial and manipulation. This list goes on and it is different for each of us individually as well as collectively. The good news is that this can be changed with each of us if we choose to make the changes our ancestors were not able to.

I am one of those souls that has struggled with ancestral trauma on very deep levels on both sides of my family. I have seen it affect my family on every level and I have not only chosen to heal myself but to find all the ways to help those that I love. My conception began in an event of trauma, and it evolved from there. I was born not breathing and my mother almost died in the event of my birth. I grew up in a very fear-based energy and I was raised through fear. My parents were the direct result of abandonment, abuse on all levels, depression, anxiety, addiction, lack mindset, poverty, and deep dark secrets that this lifestyle brought. My grandparents passed away in their 60s and 70s and they all had struggles that matched my parents. It was no wonder myself and my siblings grew up the same way. We can only teach what we know and if we have been shown and told by our parents and caregivers this is how life is supposed to be because this is what we were born into then we believe this. Maybe you were told that no one in your family has ever gone to college and you could never afford it. Or perhaps you were exposed to physical, mental, emotional or sexual abuse. Chances are, that is how your parent, grandparent or that person in your life was treated and therefore it has been passed on as acceptable behavior that also has a high probability of addictions to drown and numb the feelings. It becomes a generational pattern of coping instead of healing. As kids we become a product of our environment because that is all we know, and we are learning how to live by watching those around us. If we are treated bad and told we are worthless, selfish, fat, ungrateful, or any other terrible limiting belief you can think of, often times happen because that person was told the same things. It becomes a generational trauma, and it takes awareness to begin to change that.

In my life experience as well as my own healing journey I have learned a lot about getting grounded and reconnecting with the light of my own soul and who I am without all the limiting beliefs I was raised with. One of the first stops was at my root chakra and finding out what that even meant! I had to take a deep dive into my beliefs and what was real and not real. Your root chakra is an energy center located at your tailbone and it helps us to feel connected energetically to the earth and feeling grounded. Law of attraction says that everything is energy, and everything begins with an atom. So, although you can't see the air you are breathing into your lungs you know that it's there. The same goes for our chakras. You cannot see them, but they are there, and they help to connect our physical body to our energetic body and the energy surrounding it. This chakra is responsible for us feeling stable, grounded, secure and supported. It is also responsible for our ancestry and where our roots come from. This is important in the healing aspect. If we grow up in instability and don't feel safe in our environment we grew up in, we continue in that energy until we decide to make choices to change that energy within ourselves. We have to learn to take responsibility to change our future and transmute the energy of our past. When we do that, we change the lives of our children and the generations that come next.

Through journaling and deep introspection, it is possible to change generational trauma and to honor your ancestors and loved ones in doing so. As you begin to find a new perspective on your life thus far, I want to guide and support you while you essentially begin small and begin to let go of whatever is most prevalent in your life in this moment. Once you have identified that, I help you to release it through energy work and visualization. I use breathwork as well as yin yoga to help you to fully release the energy that is stored not only in your root chakra and energetic body but also your physical body. When we experience trauma or fear-based energies this can cause blockages in our energetic body those energies can lead to physical symptoms. Some of the physical symptoms that can be caused by blocks in the root chakra are problems with your legs, knees, feet, adrenals, as well as elimination issues. The more serious your trauma the more serious the potential for blockages that through time can cause serious physical ailments. The body and mind are not meant to hold onto trauma, and I would love the opportunity to guide you while you begin to fully release the traumas that no longer belong with you.

I choose to honor my family and all the generations that came before me by changing the generational trauma in my family and healing myself. By healing myself I heal the 7 generations of trauma that came before me and the 7 generations that will come next. I honor those that I walk with every day that are still healing because I too am always healing. Such is life and trauma, negativity, and chaos will always find you in the storm if you let it. I want to bring you a lifetime of healing by guiding you and supporting you on your journey to letting go and continuing to let go as the traumas arise within you. Let's heal together and shine a little brighter as we release and let go of all that holds you down. It is time to release the generational trauma through our roots so we can feel stable in the chaos of the storm.

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