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What is energy healing and how can you benefit from it?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

✨Energy healing in the conscious act of healing the body at an energetic level. All things including the air surrounding us are made of atoms essentially connecting us to everything around us. It is why we are so affected by the positions of the planets and the moon cycles. Their energetic fields are directly connected to our planet and therefore our own energetic fields. This makes it easier to think that with the use of life force energy and the acknowledgment of our energetic bodies makes energy healing possible. It is us, and it has the capability to help your body begin to heal itself at a cellular level.

✨When we focus on negative aspects of self and life, we tend to restrict our breathing and begin to breathe shallow. This ultimately constricts our oxygen intake and begins to restrict our bodies access to life force energy. Our bodies need oxygen to not only survive but to thrive. For example, an incredible athlete who spends most of their time working out, eating healthy, and taking deep breaths is less likely to develop disease and more likely to live longer than someone that smokes, eats unhealthily, and does not exercise. Restriction of oxygen to the body also restricts our bodies access to life force energy. When we take deep breaths, it allows the life force energy to enter our lungs and blood stream and keeps us healthy and vice versa if we never stop and take deep breaths to bring that oxygen deep into our lungs it begins to cause dis-ease throughout the body.

✨Reiki is a non-invasive form of energy healing where life force energy is directed to the area(s) of the body that need this energy. It gives your body what is needed to begin to heal itself. Our bodies are incredible at healing themselves when we make the conscious decision to do so.

✨So why Reiki? We as humans often spend our days in negative thought patterns which leads us to other bad decisions such as eating bad foods full of preservatives that our bodies can’t break down, sitting on the couch and drowning our minds in social media and Netflix binges. We are very good at avoiding ourselves and our bodies. Once this pattern begins it can be hard to break and we tend to only get worse once it starts so we stay in these patterns of self-destruction. This lifestyle ends up blocking the life force energy that our bodies need to heal themselves and therefore we find ourselves with discomfort in the physical body. So, we go to the doctor and get magic pills to try and “fix” ourselves. It ends up being an energetic spiral downwards.

✨Reiki is a way of reawakening the energetic body to begin to reverse the process of dis-ease in the body over time to allow it to begin healing itself from the inside out. Once we decide to change our lifestyle, we can begin to get healthy on a whole new level! As a former smoker and someone who has spent a lot of life eating bad food, not exercising, and growing up in an unhealthy environment I have experience in having energetic blocks throughout my body. In fact, the first time I consciously took a deep breath I thought I would pass out! My lungs were overwhelmed, and I realized I had no idea when the last time was if ever, I had taken a deep breath! It felt good and I never wanted to stop. I now perform Reiki on myself daily and it has helped me to be more open to eating healthy and moving my body because it feels good! Making the choice to try Reiki was life changing in a positive way for me and I hope it can do the same for you! It allows us to connect with the life force energy in and around us in a holistic way.

So, if you’re ready then I would love to connect with you to help you begin to heal physically, mentally and emotionally. I can’t wait to help YOU become your BEST YOU!! On every single level.

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