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Reconnecting to Your Root Chakra

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In this course you will learn different ways to release generational trauma as well as any blocks that are currently keeping you stuck in an energy that is no longer serving who you are meant to be. I have created this course to give you multiple ways to begin and continue on your healing journey. I know that when you choose to begin to reconnect to yourself the journey can seem dark and lonely which is why it is called shadow work. Having been through the healing journey myself I hope to bring you optimism as well as practices that you can begin incorporating into your everyday. Healing is a journey, and it is always happening as we continue to evolve. I use all of the methods I teach as well as sharing them with my family and those I love. My intent for you at the end of this course is to feel more empowered on your journey and less alone as you reconnect. I want to give you the space and the time you need to complete this at your own pace because the healing journey is different for everyone. I use journaling, tapping, reiki, and yoga methods for you to use among others! I hope you find this way of healing beneficial, and I would love to hear from you if you feel inclined! I am sending you so much light and high vibe energy in your healing process while you begin to let go of the weight that holds you down. Thank you for being here, you are exactly where you belong! Trust yourself and reconnect to your roots.

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